Monday, October 31, 2011

At the Farm with Jasper

On Saturday, Grandson Jasper and I went to one of the local farms that host family activities before Halloween.  We had a great time running the hay maze, watching the trebuchet fling pumpkins (pumpkin chuckin'), feeding the pigs with broken pumpkin pieces, visiting the chickens, and riding horse and tractor drawn wagons.   After the farm, Grampa John and Jasper carved his pumpkin.

Oh my!  Is Jasper frighted by his scary Jack O' Lantern, or the beheaded Frankenstein behind?!?
Or, by the look of his shirt, maybe he's turning into a Zombie for Halloween!
A pumpkin field with horse-drawn wagon in background at Jubilee Farm.
Jasper posing with the horses at the pumpkin field.
Setting up the trebuchet (similar to a catapult) to fling the pumpkin.
The pumpkin explodes when it lands, breaking up into many pieces.
The kids run to gather them up to feed to the pigs.
Jasper in the hay maze.
Fun times!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pumpkin Harvest Begins

Every year John plants a little pumpkin patch for the grandkids.  He scratches their names on the pumpkins when they are green; so, that when they are ripe their names are spelled out with the scars.  Grandkids Lane and Luke, brought their parents with them today and harvested their pumpkins.
Luke's pumpkin is loaded ... time to go!
Echo the mom loading Lane's pumpkin.
Grandsons Lane & Luke with their pumpkins.  When John scratched the names,
Luke's pumpkin was the smallest ... but, it ended up being the biggest!
Grampa hauling out the pumpkins, while Luke rides along
and Gretchen the dog supervises.
After giving the pumpkins a bath,
Joe the dad takes them out to the truck for their ride home.