Friday, September 28, 2012

The Road Calls

John is ready to hit the road with me.  He's found someone to take care of the chicken flock, and we just got an RV big enough for us, our 40-pound benji-dog Gretchen, and our 5-ounce senegal parrot Birdie.

We got a 20' Class C motorhome today.  It's a 2001 Adventurer by Slumber Queen.

Our plan is to tow the Prius so that when we get to an area, we'll camp in the RV and explore in the car.

It'll be fun to fix it up to suit our needs.  I'm so ready to go!


  1. Oh Suanne and John, that is a sweet rig. So glad you got it, so John can come to the RTR too.
    It looks like a really nice Class C. I am looking forward to seeing you again Suanne and finally meeting John.
    Have fun getting it ready and see you then...

  2. Absolutely wonderful! And that rig is sweet. I am looking forward to seeing you out on the road AND meeting John!!!

  3. I love it! So much light too! The back window is neat! You even have some room for the grandkids!!!! Wooohoooo!