Monday, June 16, 2014

Spring 2014

Since my marriage to John 20+ years ago, May & June have been busy months for family celebrations. This May we celebrated my Mother-In-Law's 80th birthday with a surprise party.  It was a fun time with lots of family & friends, and she was really taken off guard too!  Then there was Mother's Day in mid-May, Memorial Day, John's birthday on the 31st, and Father's Day which was celebrated yesterday.

John's Dad Bill & Mom Joyce, John, and John's sister Laura.
John's birthday, relaxing after dinner on the deck,
watching the birds, enjoying the view.  5/31/14

The view from John's parents' deck during his birthday dinner,
looking out toward Laura's pastures and barn.
Mt. Rainier is behind the clouds in the distance.  5/31/14

And, this May & June have been unusually busy too with John finally getting the street rod that he has wanted for as long as I've known him: a 1968 Nova SS.  It's what he had in high school.  And, it just arrived this morning!

John and his new toy, just off the auto carrier,
fresh from Wisconsin.  6/16/14

A double-decker auto transport trailer pulled up in front of our house.
John & the driver listening to the Nova's engine.  6/16/14
Now John will be doing a few "little" things to make it his own.  He'll start by reducing the stiffness of the clutch, and changing over to power steering and brakes.

May is also a time when we've got lots of blooms in the yard.
Azaleas by the barn.  5/12/14

A look into my shade garden.   5/12/14

Also, as an update to last year's post, we won't be building the mother-in-law apartment off of our barn due to septic system issues.  Our current plan is to stay in our current house for as long as we can physically handle the steps.

Happy Summer Solstice everyone ... coming up on May 21st at 3:51 AM PDT!

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